I grew up on a Kibbutz in Israel, a socialist farming community on the banks of the river Jordan, near the Jordanian and Syrian borders.  My family originates from Eastern Europe; my mother’s parents moved to Palestine in the 1920’s from Poland, and my father was a child refugee from Yugoslavia during World War 2.

At 18 I joined the Israeli Air Force for my compulsory military service: two years of toeing the line which didn’t come naturally to an aspiring radical hippie!jordanvalley_Panorama5 jt 23int

Three years later I married an Englishman and moved to England. I did a degree in Law and then trained as a primary school teacher. I have lived in England for nearly thirty years now – longer than I ever lived in Israel.

My novel, Night Swimming in the Jordan, to some extent mirrors the journey I have made.

I love swimming outdoors, particularly in the River Dart, near where I live.


Photograph of the Jordan Valley. Beyond the Sea of Galilee are the Golan Heights, Syrian land before 1967.


6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hattie Jacques

    A novel that for me, started to unravel and explain the hopes and aspirations of the early Jewish settlers in Israel. This is cleverly achieved through the eyes of a child who, as she grows up begins to understand that she has been growing up in possibly a false idyll? The book is funny, informative and the authors descriptions of the landscape around the kibbutz are beautiful. A thoroughly good read, touching an important subject from a new angle. More please!



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